Arnau Pérez


Plaça Pallol, Girona

July 13th, 6:30 pm

Price: Free

The characters of Vibra! come from a future where couple dancing is once again part of the new generations. In this future, they have developed a device that detects the internal time of the two people through the frequency of vibrations, and thus create a common atmosphere connecting two individualities. They come to make us vibrate, this is their couple dance.

Idea and choreography: Arnau Pérez 

Performers: Nico Martínez and Arnau Pérez

Sound: Arnau Pérez

Artistic support: Jerónimo Ruiz

Costumes: Arnau Pérez and BB Espinosa

Images: Ángel Garcés

Co-produces: Dantza Hirian 

Collaborators: Festival Temps d’aimer la danse (Biarritz), Teatre de Lloret, Ajuntament de Blanes and SAT Teatre

Duration: 17 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for all audiences

©Ángel Garcés