El Canal – Performing Arts Centre Salt/Girona

El Canal is a Performing Arts Creation Center specialized in the living arts and with a focus on the community of artists linked to the cultural life of Girona and Salt.

Located in La Factoria Cultural Coma Cros in Salt, the center is at the service of the local and global professional and performing community to host all kinds of art forms, creative disciplines, experiential practices and experimental processes.

El Canal wants to be a space of exchange between professionals and artists and a meeting place for the multiplicity of artistic profiles and disciplines of the performing arts, with a special focus on dramaturgy and circus.

Always from a local social conscience, the center is driven by networking with other entities in the sector and the territory and aims to become a reference facility in northern Catalonia and southern Europe.

Municipal Theater of Girona

The Municipal Theater of Girona is one of the main cultural facilities of the city of Girona. It is located in the Plaça del Vi, next to the City Hall. The theater has an Italian style, with the stage at one end and a horseshoe-shaped floor plan. It has two floors and a total of 778 seats.

In order to bring the performing arts to all audiences, it has a stable, plural and high quality programming that includes theater, dance, circus, music and opera performances, as well as courses and conferences.

ERAM University School

Located in La Factoria Cultural Coma Cros in Salt, the Eram University School is a school affiliated to the University of Girona, which offers four official degrees focused on fashion and scenic and audiovisual creation. The practical classrooms of ERAM are very suitable spaces to host creative processes, technically equipped and very close to the management team of Festival Z.

Carles Fontserè Workroom Studio in Porqueres

The Carles Fontserè Workroom Studio is a farmhouse located in the rural environment of Porqueres, in the Pla del Estany. There, the poster designer, photographer, puppeteer, set designer and writer Carles Fontserè i Carrió lived and worked in the last stage of his life. It is a unique environment, full of objects and memories that allow us to follow the life journey of a multifaceted artist.

Photography: ©Quim Roser- ACPC

©Quim Roser- ACPC

Sant Narcís Civic Center

The Sant Narcís Civic Center is a fully consolidated municipal facility in the Sant Narcís neighborhood of Girona and with an outstanding projection towards the rest of the city thanks to its location, the diversity of spaces available and an extensive and varied program, increasingly promoted by social and cultural initiatives.

The theater of the Sant Narcís Civic Center is the largest and most multipurpose hall in the center. Its capacity depends on the format of the activity to be carried out. If the bleachers are used, it allows a capacity of 112 people, but without bleachers and standing, the capacity is up to 400 people. The space includes stalls, a stage, a technical booth and audiovisual, sound and lighting equipment.