Atles Collective


Teatre Municipal de Girona

July 13th, 7:00 pm

Price: 6 €

Jordi wakes up on a sandbox with a clear objective: To say “Goodbye”. A and B accompany him on this peculiar journey that lasts as long as the time between closing our eyes and falling asleep.

Our demons are (re)born, grow and fall asleep leaving a bitter taste in their wake. Grief, more often than not, has a circular shape and leaves us trapped like a hamster wheel. Luckily, we can always sleep.

Authory: Col·lectiu Atles

Direction: Gaspar Corts

Assistant director: Joel Aibar

Dramaturgy: Gaspar Corts, Jordi Pedragosa 

Performers: Jordi Pedragosa , Águeda Sans, Marina Garcia, Joan Geli

Sound design: Gaspar Corts 

Light design: David Ros 

Costume design: Judith García

Production: Águeda Sans 

Communication: Joel Aibar

Photos: Maica Fernández

Video: David Ros

Collaborators: Festival Z

Acknowledgments: Fusta&Fusta, ERAM, Espai de Creació Sta. Llúcia Sacosta

Duration: 70 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for ages 12 and older

©Maica Fernández