Danceoke Z

Festival Z Team

Danceoke Z

El Canal Centre d’arts escèniques Salt/Girona

July 13th, 10:00 am

This activity is part of a pack.  You can buy the ticket of the pack Danceoke Z + Aèria de Júlia Suñer and Joan Thió at the following link

If Karaoke is a way of singing playback following the lyrics of a song printed on a screen, the Danceoke Z is a welcome in the form of collective entertainment offered by the festival team. We will dance with each other and enjoy our favorite songs, music videos and dance routines to face a day full of activities with love and humor.

Duration: 30 minutes


Let’s Match! Z Appetizer

Festival Z Team

Let’s Match! Z Appetizer

El Canal Centre d’arts escèniques Salt/Girona

July 13th, 12:30

Have you reserved a ticket for the morning activities of Festival Z? Then you have a prize. At the appetizers Let’s Match! our community meets informally at a standing appetizer.

The ticket for the show Yo soy una fiesta by La Resistència Teatre includes a ticket for this Let’s Match! Z Appetizer

©Júlia Guasch


Company La Dona Calba



Theater of Sant Narcís Civic Center, Girona

July 13th, 5:00 pm

Price: 12 €

CATERINA is the story of a grandmother who is unable to give away some of the objects that have accompanied her in the most important moments of her life and which she wants to get rid of. Throughout the show she will have to make a journey into her inner self to begin to heal all that she blocked in the past.

Caterina, the protagonist of our story, is a collage of recycled materials from our grandmothers, it represents a small tribute to them and to the lived experiences that we deposit in the objects, giving them personal and intimate meanings.

The proposal combines puppet theater, objects and text. Music is a main language within the piece, interpreted by a guitarist who intervenes on stage with original and live music.

Original idea and creation: Laura Vidal and Joana Vulart

Production: Cia. La Dona Calba

Performers: Núria Casares, Laura Vidal and Joana Vulart

Artistic direction: Meritxell Llort

Dramaturgy and text: Laura Solé

Scenography and lighting: Mariona Valls

Sound design and musical composition: Abril Riu

Puppet design and construction: Laura Vidal and Joana Vulart

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for ages 7 and older



Arnau Pérez



Plaça Pallol, Girona

July 13th, 6:30 pm

Price: Free

The characters of Vibra! come from a future where couple dancing is once again part of the new generations. In this future, they have developed a device that detects the internal time of the two people through the frequency of vibrations, and thus create a common atmosphere connecting two individualities. They come to make us vibrate, this is their couple dance.

Idea and choreography: Arnau Pérez 

Performers: Nico Martínez and Arnau Pérez

Sound: Arnau Pérez

Artistic support: Jerónimo Ruiz

Costumes: Arnau Pérez and BB Espinosa

Images: Ángel Garcés

Co-produces: Dantza Hirian 

Collaborators: Festival Temps d’aimer la danse (Biarritz), Teatre de Lloret, Ajuntament de Blanes and SAT Teatre

Duration: 17 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for all audiences

©Ángel Garcés


Atles Collective



Teatre Municipal de Girona

July 13th, 7:00 pm

Price: 6 €

Jordi wakes up on a sandbox with a clear objective: To say “Goodbye”. A and B accompany him on this peculiar journey that lasts as long as the time between closing our eyes and falling asleep.

Our demons are (re)born, grow and fall asleep leaving a bitter taste in their wake. Grief, more often than not, has a circular shape and leaves us trapped like a hamster wheel. Luckily, we can always sleep.

Authory: Col·lectiu Atles

Direction: Gaspar Corts

Assistant director: Joel Aibar

Dramaturgy: Gaspar Corts, Jordi Pedragosa 

Performers: Jordi Pedragosa , Águeda Sans, Marina Garcia, Joan Geli

Sound design: Gaspar Corts 

Light design: David Ros 

Costume design: Judith García

Production: Águeda Sans 

Communication: Joel Aibar

Photos: Maica Fernández

Video: David Ros

Collaborators: Festival Z

Acknowledgments: Fusta&Fusta, ERAM, Espai de Creació Sta. Llúcia Sacosta

Duration: 70 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for ages 12 and older

©Maica Fernández


Júlia Suñer and Joan Thió


Open rehearsal


El Canal – Centre d’Arts Escèniques Salt/Girona

July 13th, 10:30 am

Price: 6 €

This ticket includes two activities as a pack. Danceoke Z + Aèria de Júlia Suñer and Joan Thió

Through a combination of contemporary dance, video and sociological study, Aèria challenges the conventions of artistic consume and engages viewers as co-creators of their own perception.

Taking the air as an example, Aèria transports us to the empirical knowledge of the individual through questions in the form of text, images and music. In an organic way, the piece leads us to a live contemporary dance performance.

Creator, choreographer and performer: Júlia Suñer Coma

Creator, video and music direction: Joan Thió Casals

Duration: 60 minutes (Includes post-function talk – ApartZ)

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for people 16 years old and over

©Joan Thió Casals