Imminent scenic futures! Z projects presentation

Festival Z Team

Imminent scenic futures! Z projects presentation

El Canal Centre d’arts escèniques Salt/Girona

July 12th, 10:30 am

Price: Free*

*Even though it is free, it is necessary to reserve a ticket for this activity.
This ticket includes two activities as a pack. Danceoke Z + Imminent scenic futures! Z projects presentation

Playful, festive and performative presentation of six stage projects in pre-production phase. These are very different materials, hybrid proposals that move between text, performative installation, physical theater and street theater.

The actress Júlia Isern will be in charge of leading a gala full of surprises and also some jokes. This activity is recommended for all audiences: professionals and non-professionals, captious or not, people of all ages and interests.

The participating companies are:

Companyia Paradís with White Noise

Cara D with Imperfecte, extraordinari, monstruós o abominable.

Berta Sayeras with Plagues Urbanes

Orientación Colectiva Loli with XYZW

La Fatal with Bisila

Col·lectiu Chrisantem with Metamorfosi(s)


Let's Match! Z Appetizer

Festival Z Team

Let’s Match! Z Appetizer

El Canal Centre d’arts escèniques Salt/Girona

July 12th, 12:30 pm

Have you reserved a ticket for the morning activities of Festival Z? Then you have a prize. At the appetizers Let’s Match! our community meets informally at a standing appetizer.

The ticket to the activity Inminent scenic futures! includes a ticket for this Let’s Match! Z Appetizer

©Júlia Guasch

Am I Bruce Lee

Kernel Dance Theatre

Am I Bruce Lee


Teatre del Centre Cívic Sant Narcís, Girona

July 12th, 4:00 pm

Price: 12 €

香蕉人 / Banana man: yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

A prejudice carried by people of Chinese origin who are not from where they appear to be, one of the concepts that unites Junyi Sun and Bruce Lee.

Am I Bruce Lee is an investigation on identity from the points of connection and parallels that Junyi has with the popular character of the seventies, from the origin, personal development and professional career, to his ideals or desires.

In this tragicomic performance, dance and martial arts meet with the aim of exposing racism on stage. A journey that aims to make the audience reflect on the role we play in changing stereotypes and clichés rooted in our subconscious.

Authorship and direction:: Junyi Sun

Performance: Junyi Sun and Pol Para

Directing assistance: Piero Steiner

Dramaturgy: Junyi Sun in collaboration with Claudia Mirambell

Dramaturgy advice: Roberto Fratini

Lighting design: Mariona Signes, Carles Borras and Irene Ferrer

Sound design: Carlos Martorell

Audiovisuals: Jordi Arnal

External view: Alma Steiner

Production assistant: Marina Miguel

Scenography and costumes: Mariona Signes

Voiceover: Marc Vilajuana

Creation support: Sol Picó, dance company

Creative advice: Sol Picó

Management advice: Pia Mazuela and Vicens Mayans

Production advice: Núria Aguiló

Martial arts advise: Jaume Rossell

Creation and exhibition support: La Piconera, Sala Hiroshima and Terrassa arts escèniques

Residency: La Piconera, L’Estruch, Roca Umbert

Photography: Tristán Perez-Martín

Video: Eloi Sànchez / Corriendo en el balcón

Coproduction: Dansa Metropolitana

Collaborating entities: European Bruce Lee club, Casa Asia, Festival de Creació Contemporània Escena Poblenou, BCN Acció Intercultural, Espai Aviñó, Institut Ramon Llull, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat

Acknowledgements: Marc Rosalen, Isaac Alcaraz, Sarina Rör, Rober Gomez, Maria Ollé

Duration: 50 minutes

Language: Spanish, English and Chinese

Show recommended for ages 12 and older

©Tristán Pérez-Martín


Francesca Vadell and Companyia Les Pinyes



Teatre Municipal de Girona

July 12th, 7:00 pm

Price: 12 €

Perla is a tribute to the working women who do not appear in history books. They now sit in the kitchen, take a photo album of the “best years of their lives” and are proud of themselves because they have been able to give a career to their daughters and granddaughters; although they say they don’t know about literature.

Our town used to go to the rhythm of a Factory, Las Perlas, and the breaks of the workers were marked by its siren. Our grandmothers, at the age of fourteen, entered Las Perlas. They worked to fix their homes and ended up building a network of mutual support, friendship and they were proud to belong to the working class.

Now, we, her granddaughters, who also struggle in the precariousness of labor, we want their voice to resound loudly, the voice of women owners of industrial and artisanal knowledge, who have given their bodies, their youth and their productivity to the Factory.

Actresses: Marta Asamar García, Cèlia Castellano Algaba, Noèlia Fajardo Franch and Francesca Vadell Cubells

Visual dramaturgy: Cia. Les Pinyes

Textual dramaturgy: Francesca Vadell Cubells

Lighting and poster design: Marina Collado Bennasar

Distributor: Bel Albertí Urrea

Costumes: Alícia Leiva Otto

Teaser: Ekain Albite Arregi

Duration: 70 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for ages 12 and older

©Nora Baylach

Danceoke Z

Festival Z Team

Danceoke Z

El Canal Centre d’arts escèniques Salt/Girona

July 12th, 10:00 am

This activity is part of a pack. You can book the Danceoke Z + Imminent scenic futures! Z projects presentation pack ticket in the following link

If Karaoke is a way of singing playback following the lyrics of a song printed on a screen, the Danceoke Z is a welcome in the form of collective entertainment offered by the festival team. We will dance with each other and enjoy our favorite songs, music videos and dance routines to face a day full of activities with love and humor.

Duration: 30 minutes