Francesca Vadell and Companyia Les Pinyes


Teatre Municipal de Girona

July 12th, 7:00 pm

Price: 12 €

Perla is a tribute to the working women who do not appear in history books. They now sit in the kitchen, take a photo album of the “best years of their lives” and are proud of themselves because they have been able to give a career to their daughters and granddaughters; although they say they don’t know about literature.

Our town used to go to the rhythm of a Factory, Las Perlas, and the breaks of the workers were marked by its siren. Our grandmothers, at the age of fourteen, entered Las Perlas. They worked to fix their homes and ended up building a network of mutual support, friendship and they were proud to belong to the working class.

Now, we, her granddaughters, who also struggle in the precariousness of labor, we want their voice to resound loudly, the voice of women owners of industrial and artisanal knowledge, who have given their bodies, their youth and their productivity to the Factory.

Actresses: Marta Asamar García, Cèlia Castellano Algaba, Noèlia Fajardo Franch and Francesca Vadell Cubells

Visual dramaturgy: Cia. Les Pinyes

Textual dramaturgy: Francesca Vadell Cubells

Lighting and poster design: Marina Collado Bennasar

Distributor: Bel Albertí Urrea

Costumes: Alícia Leiva Otto

Teaser: Ekain Albite Arregi

Duration: 70 minutes

Language: Catalan

Show recommended for ages 12 and older

©Nora Baylach