L’Última Merda Col·lectiu

Festival Z Opening – The (less) out-of-place party of the Festival Z: friend, locate yourself

Teatre Municipal de Girona

July 11th, 6:00 pm

Price: 12 €

How many times have you wanted to do something and been told it was out of place? Have you pretended to be someone else so you could fit in? Do you feel out of place in the performing arts industry? Do you feel out of place at a Generation Z festival? If obscene is that which is out of the scene, what are the current obscenities of our sector?

L’Última Merda Col·lectiu will kick off this year’s edition of Festival Z, summoning us to a party to assume that, my friends, we are all out of place in our adult, artistic and supposedly functional lives. During an afternoon, we will connect with our most playful side and celebrate the “outside” as a place from where to live and see our world. There will be musical moments, chafing, matches, games and many more surprises!

L’Última Merda is a group of four young people wandering through this endogamic, vitiated, precarious and hallucinating world of the performing arts. In response to the motto “don’t think, act!”, so common in the theater world, we believe that acting is the best way to think, and that listening is the best tool to build horizontally, collectively and inclusively the future we want for the sector. If you want to change things with us, come!

Original idea, creation and performance: Elaine Grayling, Nil Martín, Judit Martínez Gili and Abril Pérez Mitchell

Rest of the artistic team in progress

A production of Festival Z with L’Última Merda Col·lectiu

Acknowledgements: Margarida Troguet Taüll, Míriam Moukhles, and all the participants of the previous activities of L’Última Merda

With the support of: Escena Poblenou, Fundació Carulla, Mostra Igualada, Figueres Es Mou, Cultura Banyoles, Diputació de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Culture and Catalan Youth Agency), FiraTàrrega.

Executive Production: L’Última Merda Col·lectiu

Duration: 120 minutes

Language: Catalan